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. ktvu complete south bay news coverage. he kept smiling and laughing. >> family and friends remember a man shot to death. the call to action by the victim's brother. a dramatic rescue of a
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man in a storm drain. how long it took to get the guy out. small business saturday coming up. complete bay coverage news starts now. this is channel 2 news. >> good evening, i'm moreen nailer. i'm ken wayne. >> in san jose police today announced the name of a 15-year-old teenager. he's accused of killing 22-year-old roy. that same night he robbed a san jose police officer. despite his age t police say they have their suspect.
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>> we are sure he is the person wanted for the homicide. johnathan wilbanks was taken into custody on wednesday. the man of the man shot by that teenager gathered today to remember the victim. neighbors are asking for more officers on san jose streets. >> whenever he stepped into the room, roy lit the room up. >> he was killed in san jose last friday night. his family talked with us outside. >> i appreciate to have known him whether he was not -- my
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son or not. >> it makes me wonder what goes into a 15-year-old's mind when they think having a gun, using a gun, going on a robbery spree and shooting with the police is except able. >> mayor reed needs to get more police officers on the street. he's handed a hundred or so their pink slips in the last few years, and that's a couple of cops that could have saved my brother's life. >> my thoughts go out to his mother and father.
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in cammo, i'm john. a second family member died in a car pile up this morning. they were returning from a early morning shopping trip when he rammed into the back of a police car. they think the father fell a slept at the wheel. police got a call that a man had been fatally shot. this is oakland's 112 homicide of the year. >> a water search in under way for a teenager.
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he hasn't been seen sins him and his parents were near big lagoon. police recovered the parents at the scene. the couple's daughter called 911. >> we have small business saturday. we'll tell you if the promotion is paying off. >> a lot of people out shopping today spending money. we have these books and action figures. small business saturday across the bay area went well. they are feeling hopeful about the shopping season s we need to have a really good christmas season. >> i've seen a great response
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today. people are making a point and are here because they know it's downtown. >> i think it's important to support the local vendors. times are harder these day, so it's important to show our support. >> in downtown dan ville they supported small business and even gave out small bags as a gift. >> fantastical comics had a good day. >> i think there's a large communities that recognize small business saturday and do what they can to support it. >> live in shadid, people are
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still out visiting store >> in virginia today president obama was among those shopping locally this afternoon. the president and his daughter maly a maliegh shopped today in a bookstore. >> noon and 1:00 pm was the busiest shopping period of today. a man is recovering tonight after being pulled from a storm drain last night in pe knoll. thank you. thanks he says, this is exclusive video
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of the rescue. the home less man went inside the drain sometime last night. he was stub stuck in there for at least four hours. we posted the video on our okay web site. after a house party in east san jose 42 people were arrested and two officers were injured. shots were fired in the 3 thousand block of patt avenue. when the officers arrived people at the party started throwing objects to them. one person tried to drag the police officer to the back of the house, but he was able to
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get away. >> a second officer was injured trying to make a an arrest. in total 60 officers went to the scene. a small earthquake was centered about 7 miles north wees of the pinnacles. three people were burned today in a fire at the u.s. state department. the fire broke out in some dump work during reteen maintenance. two were seriously hurt, but the victims will be okay. >> hector "macho" camacho
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hector "macho" camacho died after he was taken off life support. he won titles in the 19140s. he fought sugar ray leonard in the 80s. he was 50 years ago. larry hagman fans paid respects today. he was most known for playing,r on dallas. he died of complications of cancer at the age of 81 surrounded by friends and families. a car goes up in flames t clues that have police thinking this could be an arsonnest. heavy rain headed to the
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bay forecast. a pilot was killed. also filling the boot, the efforts to help burn victims.
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flames engulfed a it to camry parked on an oakland street last night. this happened around 11:00 last night. the owner believes someone threw someone inside the car to start the fire. we learn a pilot killed in a plane car -- he went down
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about a mile south of the cal industries county airport. the fda and national traffic safety board are investing the crash. police are looking into a shooting that happened last night. offers fired into a -- that's the same street a man was shot and killed last week after sitting in a car with his wife. three people have died in traffic collisions over the last few days. 159 people have been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. the cap's maximum enforcement
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period lasts through tomorrow night. >> 37 sien was arrested last night. the los angeles man believed to work for a mexican cartel. he's expect today be arraigned in los angeles next week. a natural gas explosion damaged 17 building. it happened in the city of springfield west of boston. someone at a strip club smelled gas and that club was leveled. among the injured were police,
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but they are expected to be okay. it's the second day of protest sins the president signed against demonstrations. >> still a lot of people out here. about 30 tents, which is an indication many of these protesters want to be here for awhile. it's not clear how long they're going to stay here. when you talk to temperature them they seem determine today speak out. >> it's throwing the low system out of the scene totally. >> news conferences on
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saturday were opposed to mr. moore. they're calling for a nationwide judges strike opposing faction called for a 1 million man protest on tuesday. the brother hood calls for a 1 million man protest too. some critical time here. life along the gaza strip seems to be calm. stores are beginning to open. the editor of a irish nan
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newspapers who printed topless photos of kate middleton sun bathing in the south of france. it was a go test innovation. elizabeth smart is writing a me wire. she's married and a senior. her coauthor is chris stewart. some firefighters filling boots for a cause. every year the fill the boot campaign has
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grown to include young burn victims as well as burn firefighters. it's with kids with visible burn scars so they don't have to be worried about being teased. >> . >> they raised 6 thousand today alone. in san francisco a christmas year went on display and the ginger bread house went on display. it's was made with 1 0u 0u pounds of icing. a pastry shelf replenishes the
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icing every morning. enjoying snow in the bay area. complete bay area news coverage for your ipad.
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how cute is that.
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throwing snow bunnies today. local businesses sponsored this event at rock bridge. here he is santa. chances are you've clicked on this video at least one. [ music playing ]. it broke a you tube record, 806 million views. it went above justin bieber's record. let's check in with mark and see what's happening outside. 60s and 70s across the bay area.
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get the umbrella ready because the storm door will soon be opening. 72 in san rosa. no rain fall today, but temperatures dropping off quite a bit. here's a look at current numbers, few upper 40s already. 48 degrees in napa. san rosa checking in at 51 degrees. up 40s -- upper 40s tonight. look what happens next we're week. we'll increase the winds speed. you'll notice the main storm
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track to our north. a few cloud sunday into monday, but most areas will be back into the 60s. next week, our forecast a series of clouds approaches. the winds will be on the increase out of the south okay. we could have a wind advisory for this period. rain as we head into wednesday morning and maybe a break thursday and then a stronger one coming in after that. >> sunday the second half of the weekend, partly cloudy skies. tuesday increasing clouds, increasing winds tuesday tonight, no rain fall yet, but probably early wednesday morning we'll be tracking rain fall
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coverage across the bay area. 65, 64, 67 degrees tomorrow, the city topping out 66 degrees. with your weekend in view, monday looking good, tuesday we're going to thicken up the cloud cover and when you notice those winds out of the south, that's typical of a storm. a chance of a light shower wednesday and hus in the north bay. the key head line is enjoy tomorrow and monday all the outdoor activities out of your system. rake the leaves. yeah, that's a good plan.
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>> we're going to turn over to fred english. we're going to be seeing a match up very soon. yes, very soon. sanford suspected they would have to win again. they would host those same brewers. they beat three ranked teams. an 822-1111 yard driver here. a senior tail back, what a big hole. ucla had nine men in the back. it was 21 -- 21-10 half time.
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jordan richards sets up stanford. he gains 142 yard on the ground. 40 yarder, he gets stopped at the two yard line. kenneth walker takes the ball, gets smacked. that's a free ball. taking it back, the 11 yard touchdown. stanford wins 35-14 to clint pac 10. oregon dressed in electric yellow today. they dominate today the 116th civil war. oregon state commits 6 turnovers. thomas makes them
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pay. thomas scores three time. 27-17. we'll tell you notra dame is leading 16-10 in the third quarter and we'll have that tonight at 10:00. >> we'll have continuing coverage at 10:00 of that violent house party. that's going to do it for us. thanks for trusting ktvu. we'll see you at 10:00.

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